Watch Grey's Anatomy S09E21 - Online Free Streaming. Last week reminder: Meredith discovers she is positive for a few genetic markers that could lead to Alzheimer's, making her and Derek take precautions if they die; they start legal paperwork for where the children will live, going to one of Derek's sisters, and make a health care directive.

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Since April and her boyfriend Matthew are getting close, he wants her to meet his mother but is very upset with her when she finally reveals she wasn't completely honest about being a virgin. The doctors help two Syrian doctors learn to complete lifesaving surgeries without much modern equipment, anesthesia or electricity.

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April is so upset after the fallout with being honest with Matthew she decides to give the Syrian doctors a lot of very expensive equipment without permission, saying to herself, "honesty isn't all it's cracked up to be." The intern Ross is trying to get back on Derek's rotation but finally Derek tells him that he's not the best so he should find another specialty.

Owen has been concentrating a lot on the car crash victim family that includes the child that was unhurt. He's spending a lot of time with the child and pulling strings to get him admitted to the hospital while he waits for family to arrive. Is the redheaded kid making him think of what his children would look like?

When two patients of Dr. Bailey come in with post-operation infections it's thought to be her intern's fault because she was sick that day. After a third patient is discovered and one patient dies the evidence is showing that Dr. Bailey is the only one that treated all of the patients, the intern only helped treat two of the three.

Next: 9x21 -- Sleeping Monster (Apr/25/2013) summarized: After several of Bailey's patients die, she becomes the focus of a CDC investigation. Cristina teases Alex about his feelings for Jo. Owen continues to take care of Ethan while his parents remain in the hospital.

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